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With Phoenix averaging only 36 days of rain a year most Phoenicians don't worry about a leaky roof until it's too late.

New Construction

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.  With Construction on the rise ensuring you have a company who will take the time to build your roof to last is essential.

Coatings & Maintenance

Protek your Investment.  Your roof  provides protection from animals, rain, Haboobs, Heat, wind, cold, and more. Ask us how we can lower your electricity bill.

Roof Updates Replacements

We Love Skylights and despise Leaks.  We handle all of your roofing needs. We will let you know what you should do and what you have to do.

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Everyone tells you 20+ years of experience, yes we have well over 20 years.  Arizona is an extreme weather state, we are locals; we know how each roofing material handles a Phoenix Summer and a Fall Monsoon. Foam roofs require a minimum of 5 years of experience to be on the competent level - depending on the day, roofs prior coat, pitch of the roof, outdoor temperatures and more can all effect a nice solid even coat.  It's not as pretty as a painting but it is a very delicate art form that we are proud to be industry leaders in.

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